C&D Washing place

The crates are cleaned in our advanced C&D washing facility.

We would like to take you through the process:

The trucks enter at the front of the building. Here the used crates are unloaded on the platform. A belt with a chain runs in the middle of the platform, which transports the crates towards the destacker.

One stack of crates at a time enters the destacker. The destacker is built in such a way that it always lifts the second crate, so that the first crate can roll underneath. The crate then rolls into the crate washing machine.

The crate washing machine is divided into three zones:

1 Pre-rinse zone
First, the crate enters the pre-rinse zone, where the crate is thoroughly washed.

2 Main wash
After this, the crate continues to the main wash, where the crate is carefully sprayed with clean water, so that the crate is completely clean.

3 Rinse zone
In the rinsing zone, the crate is rinsed for the last time with water at a temperature of 80 degrees. This ensures that the last remaining bacteria are killed.

Environmentally friendly solution
After this, the crate rolls up, so that all the excess water in the washing machine can be reused, which is an environmental benefit. Biodegradable detergent is used throughout the process.

The water enters the rinse, so that there is always clean and clear water in it. After this, the water goes to the main wash and then it flows through to the pre-rinse. By using this system, we reuse the water.

All crates are checked again and then they are placed on the disinfected side of the platform.

Calvin van Hunnik
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