A young Jacco van Hunnik and his love for poultry

Founder Jacob van Hunnik started regionally, after which his sons expanded the work area to Northern and Central Europe. The company is currently run by the third generation. Jacco van Hunnik took over the company in 2005 from father Jan and uncle Adrie and, with his team of drivers and office employees, ensures that the poultry arrives at the right time at their destination.


Thanks to years of experience and sales opportunities, Pluimveehandel Van Hunnik is the right partner for every poultry farmer at home and abroad.

How it all started

Jan van Hunnik with his Mercedes

Jacob van Hunnik collected broilers from Veenendaal and the surrounding area in a converted American passenger car of the Ford brand, Plymouth, to trade and transport them to slaughterhouses in the region. Due to the early death of Jacob van Hunnik, his sons Adrie and Jan van Hunnik took over the trade.

Pluimveehandel van Hunnik

The 60’s

Since the 1960s, Adrie and Jan have expanded the company from a nationally operating company to a renowned international trading company. The poultry was transported to and from Belgium, France and Germany with specialized trucks. During this period, the trading activities expanded enormously.


From 2005 Adrie and Jan have withdrawn and Jacco van Hunnik has continued the business operations. From this time on, the company has created more sales to Poland. The trading company currently consists of a team of a planner, administrative assistant and drivers. There are five trucks and eleven trailers under our own management.

We are active throughout Europe:

Pluimveehandel Van Hunnik in the picture

Calvin van Hunnik
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